Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Easter Decor

A little late to post an Easter Egg décor.  But before I totally forget about it, I should write what I did for one of the Easter décor around the house.

 Behind my office there is a beautiful trail along the canyon. Usually during my occasional afternoon walks, I find beautiful things, wild flowers, interesting plants, sometimes rocks for my kid's rock collection and sometimes even rattle snakes. Ok, I have seen a rattlesnake only once behind my office, but lot of other people have seen many times.I have to admit, I changed my walking route after I saw the rattlesnake.

Anyways, once I picked these dried fallen branches and brought it home. And used these branches to hang the decorative eggs during Easter. And for spring cut some pretty flowers out of construction paper and stuck it on the branches. you can see that here. An easy decor...:)

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