Monday, October 28, 2013

Sandesh - Indian Sweet

Sandesh is a Bengali sweet made with fresh Chenna. It is easy to make and tastes so yumm...

You'll need:
1 cup of fresh Chenna (recipe to make chenna available here)
3 Tbsp of sugar
1/2 tspoon of cardamom powder
few strands of saffron
2 Tbsp of warm milk

1. Soak the saffron in the warm milk and leave it.

2. Take the chenna and knead it by dragging your palm hard on the chenna. Keep scooping more chenna and kneading it. Do this till the chenna has a smoothish consistency.

3. Mix sugar and cardamom powder to Chenna and mix it. Add the saffron milk too and mix it. Leave some saffron strands to decorate too.

4. Transfer the mixture to a pan and cook in low heat just to remove the rawness of the chenna.

5. Keep stirring and cooking till the mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan. Do not overcook or else the mixture will get dry.

6. Take the mixture out of the heat. When the mixture is still warm, roll into small balls and flatten slightly. You can put a small saffron strand on top of these balls too.

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  1. These look so good, is there somewhere to buy the chenna? Would love to make these my daughter and her boy friend love food from India. Pinning to my dessert board, thanks for sharing on Tuesdays With a Twist, please join us again tomorrow when I will be featuring your post

    1. Hi Joyce,
      You might get these in Indian store, or you can make your own. I have provided a link to make the Chenna in this recipe too. Its available at

  2. Very unique! Thank you for sharing at our TGIF Link Party at A Peek Into My Paradise. I hope you will be back to link up another awesome post this week!
    Cathy @

  3. Sandesh is one of the delicious sweets in India.

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