Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Snowflakes in July

The other day we did a little experiment at home and the kids loved it. The outcome was even more exciting. You don't need snow to have snowflakes, you can make your own snowflakes and that too in summer...how cool is that..:).

You'll need:
1 white pipe cleaner
1 cup boiling water
Borax - 3 tbps
Few inches of twine/string.
Stick or Dowel
1 wide mouthed bowl. Make sure that the bowl is big enough to hold the snowflake form.

- Cut the pipe cleaner in 3 equal lengths and twist together to form the snowflake shape. You can make elaborate snowflake shape if you want.
- Make a solution of 1 cup of boiling water and 3 tablespoons of borax and keep stirring.
- Pour this solution in the wide mouthed bowl.
- Tie a twine around one of the spokes of the snowflake. This will be your hanger, both in the borax solution and also to hang this snowflake later anywhere you want.
- Tie the other end of the twine  of the snowflake hanger to a stick or a dowel and lower the snowflake in the borax solution. You can rest the stick or the dowel on the mouth of the bowl, so that the snowflake is just hanging in the solution and does not fall to the bottom of the bowl.

- Keep the snowflake form in the solution overnight and in the morning you will see stunning crystallized snowflake.

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  1. These are soooo cool!!!! I cannot wait to make these for December! We are huge fans of Christmas and every inch of our house has DIY decorations. So excited to do these and add them to our decorations! Printing and pinning now!

    1. Thank you Brandi! And yes, this year we'll have these snowflakes in our tree too..:)

  2. So Cool! I am going to feature this one the B and D Facebook Page. Thanks for linking up to the Feature Friday Link Party!

    Danielle @ Blissful & Domestic
    Creating Beautiful on Less