Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring time crafts

I have been wanting to do this craft for a long time. And with so many colorful flyers we get in mail and from kid's school, it was like a free project supplies. And I love love love the way it looked. The photos do not do much justice as to how it actually looked.

Look, my little one helped in sewing the pieces together. She and her brother took turns making this fun and colorful garland..just in time for spring. We are hanging these for our backyard party next weekefnd..:)
For this project, you just need colorful papers. I used a bunch of colorful flyers I got in mail, from schools, and from whereever I could find. Cut these papers to 1" x 5" strips. You don't even need to have exact measurements, atleast mine didn't... It will look beautiful anyway..:). Then start sewing the strips together. Do not worry if the strips are not equally placed, but try to sew the strips equally spaced as much as possible. I used these garlands in the backyard Brunch party we had on Easter weekend... 

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