Sunday, August 28, 2016

Chocolate Mousse cups

If you love chocolate and who doesn't, you will love this. Chocolate mousse served in chocolate cups...yummm...
Anything you serve in little cups has to be good and what if the cups itself is made of chocolate.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Folded Paper Heart Tutorial

So last week, I made this folded paper heart, which I was really excited about and wanted to share it in the blog. I didn't even have the tutorial ready then, but still wanted to show how it turned out. Since then, a few have asked for the tutorial to make these. So, here it is.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Folded paper Heart

Few weeks back I visited our local library and in the lobby they had the pages of one of the books folded to form the work 'Read'. I was fascinated and came back home and searched how to make these folded pages art. Well, I didn't fold pages to make a word, but I started small and made this heart. And I love it!!

Cookie Dessert cups

This is a fun way to serve icecream or in my case, some cream cheese with whipped cream in these cookie cups.

I wanted to make something which was not difficult to make, but looked fancy. I was running out of time, when we had some guests over for dinner and I needed to make some dessert. So, I used the store bought cookie dough, but you can  use your own favorite cookie recipe or even brownie recipe would work great to make these cups.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Paper Houses

Sometime back, I guess during the spring cleaning or maybe during summer cleaning at work, one of my colleagues took out a number of old books from his office. I love books, not necessarily to read though..:D.. I started getting ideas about what to make with those books... And one of those ideas was these cute little houses... looks cute, right?

I made one of those houses and my little one made the other. Its that easy to make...

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Paper Feathers

I have this new fascination with feathers. And you might have noticed that I love working with papers, so I had to make some paper feathers...:)

After I made some, I found out that lot many people have made and used paper feather in various projects. You can ofcourse use them in scrapbooking, make feather garlands or use in decor..

Here are some of the feathers that I made..:)

Monday, May 30, 2016

Cupcake Wrapper Flowers

The other day, one of my kids told me that she had to make somethings for her classmates for a project. With something of a last minute thing, we settled on making these cupcake liner flowers, attached to the end of the pencils. Well, second graders do need pencils with a pretty topper, don't they?..:D We also made some pet rocks and maybe I will keep that for another post. It was fun making pet rocks too.

For now, let's get back to these flowers. I think, these will be cute to pass even during valentine  gift exchange in class. Or may be make a bunch of these and make a bouquet for your school teachers with a note " Thank you for helping me bloom".

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Paper Wall Art

 There is a wall in our family room where the builders thought would be nice to put a painting or an artwork. No guess work here, as to where to hang your art. There is already a little depression on the wall to hang your art work..:).

We had it even in our previous house and I had a piece which I used to hang there. Then we moved to our current place, the wall color changed and also I was bored of the previous hanging, so I have been looking for something to fill that place. Its been blank for quiet sometime now. Anything I liked was either not the correct size or not the right price.