Monday, June 23, 2014

Coiled Paper Coasters

Few weeks back, while browsing I came across some stunning coiled paper baskets and had to give it a try someday. Basket project is for later on, but I definitely wanted to try coiling papers and make something with it, which was easier and quicker to make. These coasters were the easiest thing that I could make with coiled papers. But one of these days I am going to make those baskets...:)

I made some with colorful magazine paper and some with just black text on white paper. They both are nice, but I like the colorful ones much better.

You'll need:
-Magazine or any printed paper.
- Scissors
- Glue.

- Take a page out of a magazine or an old text book and cut the page in half lengthwise.

- Take one half of the paper and fold in half lengthwise and then open it up. So you get a mark for the center line of the paper.

- Bring the two long edges of the paper to the center mark.

- Fold again, by bringing the long edges again to the center of the paper.

- After that fold in half to get a strip of paper sturdy enough to coil.

- Make lot of strips like these. And then start coiling. In the picture below I show how I started coiling. You need to coil tighter and keep gluing as you go. In the picture the coil is loose, since I wanted the picture to be clear in showing how I am coiling the strips. Once you are done with one strip, take another strip and keep on coiling.

- Once you are happy with the size of the coaster, you can glue the end of the strip.
- You can seal the coaster with 2 or 3 coats of mod-podge.

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  1. You got me again....drooling from afar, another fantastic paper, upcycled idea. Love how the colours show up in this.

    1. Thank you Barb! I love the colors too..:)

  2. They look so amazing...what happens if you drop water on them accidentally?

    1. hahaha...
      Holly, I think that's why it needs to be sealed, with either mod-podge or any other sealant. It hasn't happened to me yet, so we'll see, if that sealant works..:)

  3. I have been fascinated with these forever. Thank you for a an easy to follow tutorial...

  4. This is such a creative way to recycle old magazines! I agree with the comment above. Your tutorial is clear and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow, what a great idea. I have so many magazines that I just can't bring myself to throw away but I'd be so happy to do this with them.

    If you have a moment to spare I'd be so thrilled if you could share your post at my weekly Say G'Day Saturday linky. This would be such a fabulous addition!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  6. Those look like tons of fun to make! And they'd be a fun decor item too! Thanks for linking up to Snickerdoodle Sunday! - Kristina

  7. Congratulations! You’re one of this week’s features at our Fabulously Frugal Thursday party!

  8. This looks like a really fun craft...get the kids involved in it too. I saw a tutorial for coasters using the thick seam of old blue jeans and coiling them up. Bet that is fun too. Thanks for sharing. :)