Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Paper Folded Ornaments

These paper folded ornaments is a great way to recycle old books lying around. You can fold into different ways to make different shapes.
You can even string or glue them in a string, like multiple ornaments in a string for a backdrop.

Here are the steps I used to fold one of the ornaments.

Take a book with more than 100 pages and remove the cover of the book. We just need pages to work with.

- Start by folding a page in half vertically

- Bring and fold the top corner in and align along the center edge.

- Bring the bottom of the page to meet the folded edge just like the picture below. I had to tear the page a little at the seams in order to do that. Look at the picture please. I hope picture will explain much better than I can put in words..:)

- Now fold up the bottom corner to bring to the center edge

- Keep folding all the pages, till you have a full ornament shape.
- Glue a string to hang the ornaments. I added some beads at the bottom and tied a knot.

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  1. Just beautiful. How are you by the way. Your crafts always wonderful to try with. Love and hugs:)

    1. Thank you Crystal for your kind words..:)
      I am doing fine and waiting to do something fun this summer..I just don't know what yet..:D
      Hope you are well and I appreciate you stopping by..:) Much love to you.

  2. can't wait to try this one. Thanks for sharing with us at #CCBG