Saturday, February 16, 2019

Classroom Valentine

With so much sweet stuff already during Valentine, I love to have some non-candy valentines ideas too. So, this year we made these bubble bottles with the writings " your friendship blows me away".

And yet again I waited till the last  to make the valentine gifts. To go with the valentine theme, I was hoping to get some red or pink colored bubble bottles, which I had seen in the store shelves in the past. I went to the store the day before my daughter had to take the valentine gifts to class and I couldn't find any red or pink. The ones that I could get were these plain white ones, which seemed too white. So my daughter and I cut red paper hearts and glued them on the bottles. I wrote on one card and she made the rest and tied it to the bottles.
I think it turned out cute..:)

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  1. Beautiful card, I love the image and the design.

  2. Just great post post about valentine . I live your shared .

    1. Thank you Kathy! Appreciate your sweet comment:)