Friday, February 8, 2013

Rainbow Birthday

I have been thinking of posting about this Rainbow Birthday we had for our youngest daughter a few months back, but something or the other kept coming up. It was fun preparing for this bright and colorful Birthday for our ever so cheerful little one.

Everything was in Rainbow theme. We had Rainbow juice, Rainbow jello, Rainbow goldfish for snacks and Rainbow Pasta for main dish among other things. We had Rainbow games and crafts, like making Rainbow from cotton and cardboard, Pin the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow  and Rainbow Pinata. And of course the seven layers Rainbow cake, which I made. It was a fun day and most of all my little angel loved it all and had lots of fun.

All the printables for the party I got from here.

We had the party at the park, but I am thinking if the party was at home, I could have used this balloon wreath which would be perfect for the rainbow theme. How colorful and bright!

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