Saturday, March 1, 2014

Crepe Paper Flowers Again

Lately I have been making a lot of different types of crepe paper flowers. I have a pile of different colors of crepe paper streamers from the rainbow birthday party I had sometime back and I am trying to use those streamers to make something fun. There are so many variations of flowers you can make with these that I guess I should have a series of flower making tutorials with just using these crepe papers..:)

You'll need:
Crepe Paper strips/streamers

- Cut three or four approximately 15" strip of  crepe paper streamers and stack them on top of each other.

- Cut the streamers like the picture below.

-  Then make a running stitch on the strips and stitch them together. Or maybe it will be better if you stitched them first and then cut it. That way the streamers wouldn't move much while cutting... ha!... I should have done that.

- Pull on the string and bring the ends together and stitch to attach the ends together. After you bring the ends together you should have a flower shape. This is pretty in itself and can be used as is. Or you can go a step further and make a different kind of flower..:)

- Pull the streamers apart and fluff it just like the picture below.

- After you pull the streamers apart you should have something like this now.

You can use these flowers in so many different ways. Embellish a package, attach a stem and make a bouquet.

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  1. Beautiful flowers, Priyam. Good work!

    1. Thank you Kaitlyn!
      Waiting to see some of your creations..:)

  2. So pretty! I think you should completely cover your computer with all of those lovely paper flowers. Visiting via "HitMeWithYourBestShot" linkup. Did I mention I am a bit of a paper freak? :)

    1. have a great idea Barb.
      I would love to cover anything with paper flowers..pretty isn't it?..:)

  3. Beautiful! I think they're simply gorgeous :)

  4. I think there are so many uses for these simple, crepe paper flowers: wrapping, garlands, a surprise in a child's lunch... You've definitely got me thinking! :)

    Thank you for sharing with us again at the Thank Goodness It's Thursday party - see you tomorrow!

    1. Absolutely Sarah! Thank you so much for the visit and your sweet comment..:)