Monday, October 1, 2012

Teacher Appreciation week

Last week we celebrated the teachers appreciation week at my son's school. Each day of the week we did fun stuff. One day the kids got to wear the teacher's favorite sport's team color shirt. the next day it was flowers for the teachers, the next we made some home baked treats. For the home made treats, I made these apple cupcakes and I had so much fun decorating and packing them in these cute boxes. I love how these cupcakes turned out. The idea for the cupcake and the free printables can be found here.

I used red sprinkles on buttercream frosting. For the stem of the apple I used a pretzel stick and the leaves are green M&Ms.

All boxed up..
All packed and ready to be carried..
Another photo just because they turned out so yummy and cute..:)

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