Monday, August 14, 2017

Weave Basket

Can you guess that I made this basket with paper towel rolls. When I first saw this project online, I just wanted to make one and have been collecting the paper towel rolls enough to make this cute little basket.

Weaving was fun . The only tricky part of this basket was the corners, which is very well explained in the tutorial I followed and is available here.

Following are the pictures of the steps while making the basket.

Already getting the hang of weaving and its looking good.

This is when it got tricky and had to fold the corners to make the sides of the basket.

Almost done!

And here it is..:)

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  1. What if you get it wet? Like going to the beach.

    1. Then you will have a wet basket...:)
      But otherwise it is pretty sturdy.
      Thanks for stopping by Tanya!

  2. Fantastic!!!! I have tons of paper towel rolls and this is a perfect project for them!!! Thanks!!! patty

    1. Great! Glad to know you found something to do with the towel rolls..:)
      Thank you for visiting Patty!

  3. This is wonderful! I would have never guessed what it was made from. Thanks for sharing with us at Brag About it!

  4. What a great recycling project - my husband might kill me for collecting another thing to craft with!

    1. Hahaha.. I hear you Janet.. I keep hearing about the stuff I collect ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. It turned out GREAT! An awesome activity for kids on earth day :)...
    I hope we see you at the current Reader Tip Tuesday Party:
    It's open all week & growing.