Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentine box

Wanted to share what my daughter made for her valentine Box. First she wanted to make a dog with an open mouth to collect the valentine. So she wrapped the shoe box with brown paper. Then just a day before she had to take the box, she said she would like to make the unicorn instead. Oh well, we didn't have time and patience to wrap the box again with white paper, so we went with brown paper base. Though white paper would have looked great, this wasn't too bad, right?..;)

Though lot of things happened while making this box, like change of plans and then running out of glitter glue, when it was time to color the unicorn horn and ears, it still turned out cute..:). She was pretty pleased with it..:)

If you could see, on top of the box we made a slit to collect the valentine.

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