Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Halloween Snack Ideas

So we had a sort of playdate for the kids, but instead of putting out just plain snacks, I thought since Halloween is so close by, it will be fun to have Halloween themed snacks for them. Well, I get all these ideas at the last minute, so these were all snacks which were easy to assemble too..:)

Let me start with the JackO Lantern carrot plate, which was simply arranging baby carrots on a round plate and cut slices of cucumber for eyes, nose and teeth.

Oh look, I just realized, the nose is gone. Those sneaky kids, they get to it, even before I take pictures. Well, the first picture had the nose.

Then were the witch hats and the witch broomstick. The base of the hat was the chocolate cookies and on top of it was the tip end of the icecream cones. Using a serrated knife, I carefully cut the icecream cones and dipped in melted chocolate and then placed the cones on top of the chocolate cookie. Put in the fridge after making the hats, so the top of the hats are firmly stuck to the cookie base.

That was easy right! Now broomstick was even easier. Take the string cheese, cut to the size of the broom and cut one end like shreds and at the other end insert the pretzel sticks. That was it..:)

I also made some one eyed grape monster, which were grapes on a stick and then using melted chocolate stuck a candy eye to the top grape. There were also some Halloween themed sugar cookies.

So there, these are some quick kids snack ideas for Halloween..:)

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  1. some lovely fun ideas #RealCraftyLinkParty

  2. So cute! I love the brooms!
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  3. I love holiday themed treats- these are so cute! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

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  5. Cute, festive snack ideas! The one-eyed grape monsters look great! Thanks for sharing! I'm visiting from the Wine'd Down Wednesday link up today. Have a great day Priyam!

    1. hahaha.. monsters are healthy too..:)
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  6. These are such cute ideas! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

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