Monday, November 26, 2012

Halloween 2012

Now that the kids are at an age when they can enjoy Halloween activites, I love doing things for putting up Halloween decorations, doing Halloween crafts at home, etc. Kids start decidig on their costume way in advance and in our neighborhood, its like a party going on as soon as it starts getting dark.

This year I wanted to decorate the front of my house with something like what I had seen in one of he magazines. I basically drew the outline of cats and bats in black chart paper and cut it out. Fence was pretty easy to make by just cutting straight strips of paper. Many people commented on how great our garage door turned out to be.

The other project which my son also did with me was making these cute milk carton tea-lights. Simply stuck whatever we wanted to one side of the bottle, cut a hole on the aother side, to insert a battery operated tea-light and a small rock to keep the bottle from flying away if the evening turned out to be a little windy.  Sorry for the blurry pictures - I guess I need a new camera..:)

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