Sunday, November 24, 2019

Escape Room Party

Another escape room party!!
Time was running out and this one, the kiddos escaped just in time with 3 minutes to spare!

This is the third escape room party that we had. You can check out the other two parties here and here.

I love how they make these escape rooms. The story behind them, the puzzles and all the little details trying to figure out the details and tying things together. The group had to really work together to get out of this one.

We went to the escape room close to our place and then headed home after for food and more fun..

The story was that a historian known for his research decides to go to his cabin far away from civilization to record his discovery from his latest research. But it has been months since his retreat and no one has heard from him. The group had to solve the mysteries and uncover the truth.

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  1. Such a fun party idea! My family and I have tried one escape room experience (and we got out with a few minutes to spare!). Pinned.

  2. This sounds like a fun way to celebrate. I want to try an escape room experience soon.

  3. This sounds like fun. I’ve always wanted to go to an escape room.

  4. What a fun party! Featuring when my link party opens.