Monday, February 5, 2024

Dried Flower Arrangement

When I was a kid, I would often get leaves or flowers to dry in between the pages of the books. And then had to wait for it to dry. Patience was the name of the game 😀. I had to wait for days for the flowers to dry. I still press flowers and leaves this way, but have also found some other ways to dry which has worked great for me. 
Here are some other ways I have dried flowers. Let me know if you have tried any of these methods or have any other ways to dry.

The one above is made with flowers which I dried using microwave. Now this takes only few minutes as compared to the few days to dry the old way, so that was definitely a plus and look at those colors!! It retained all the beautiful colors, so that was a major plus for me. 
The other great point about drying this way was that the final dried flower was very thin, which for some projects would be ideal to use.

So the way I dry flowers in microwave is to lay the flower flat in between paper towel sheets and put in the microwave. Now place a heavy microwave safe dish on top of the paper towel.  Start the microwave in intervals, maybe a couple of minutes to begin with. It totally depends on the microwave power how long it takes to dry so keep an eye on the flowers. Also depending on how thick the flower is it might take longer or less time to dry. Check if the flower is still not dry and start the microwave again.
Just remember to keep checking on the flowers in intervals, so that it doesn't burn. After a few minutes of microwaving, when the pressed flowers seems to be flat and pressed, it might still be little damp. In this case, I leave them to air dry for sometime and it dries perfect.

Now this one, I made with flowers dried in silica beads. Though this takes a few days to dry, it retains the colors beautifully and retains the shape too. 
For this method, I put a layer of silica beads maybe an inch or inch and half layer in an airtight container big enough to lay my flower flat. Then I placed the flower and covered it up with more silica. Close the lid of the box and keep it. Wait for a couple of days and then check on the flower for its dryness.

Whichever way you dry, aren't these all pretty :)

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  1. Priyam, your dried flower arrangement is beautiful.
    Visiting today from April's #19,20&21

    1. Thank you so much Paula! I am glad you liked them :)

  2. Thank you so much! I am happy to you liked them and inspired you to do it again :) Thank you also for letting me know your links. Heading that way to check it out :)

  3. Your dried flower arrangement is really pretty.