Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Paper Stars

Ok. I am having way too much fun making different types of paper stars these days. Did you check the other paper star I made few days back. If not yet, visit the tutorial and I am sure you will enjoy making those stars too. Below is the picture of the other star I am talking about.

The instructions to make these are simple and easy to follow. So its a great project for kids too. My little ones enjoyed making these with me. 

You'll need:
- Magazine Paper not thick paper like cardstock. I think thinner paper is easier to work with for making these stars.
- Glue

- Take a square piece of paper and fold in half by bringing two edges together and press it and then open it up.

- Fold the paper in half again by bringing the other two edges and open it up. This will form the horizontal and vertical creases in the paper running right through the middle. And where the two horizontal and vertical line cross, lets say that is the center of the paper.

- Bring the four corners of the paper to the center and press it, just like the picture below.

- Place the folded paper like in the picture below and bring the right corner to the center line, basically the upper right edge should align to the middle line and press it

- Repeat the same thing for the left. So bring the left edge to the center line and press. So you should have something like the picture below by now.

- Now flip the paper over.

- So you see, now you have a longer triangle at the top and a smaller triangle at the bottom.
- Fold in the smaller triangle at the bottom, just like the picture below and press.

- Now fold the paper inwards in half  right through the middle.

- So now you are done folding one beam of the star. Make 13 or more of these beams and start connecting.

- To connect, start with two of the beams and lay them in the same direction.

- If you look at the beams, you can see there is an opening at the back of  the beams. So insert the front pointed ends of one beam to the opening of the other beam, just like the picture below.

- Keep connecting the beams, till you form a circle. Once you have a full circle connect the first and last beams just the way you been connecting the other beams.

This might be a little fragile if you intend to hang these stars. In that case, use glue to stick the beams together.

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