Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Easy Paper Medallion

These paper medallions are great for decorating and can even be used to top gifts.  I have been making these paper medallions for a long time, accordion folding the paper and gluing the edges together, just like I mention in  the tutorial here.

But I found another way to make these and think its a much easy and quicker way to make these medallions.
So here it goes.

You'll need:

- For making these, I took an A4 size paper and cut in half lengthwise. We can make two from this paper.

-  Take the half sheet and fold in half

- And then fold it again

And again and again till the folded parts are like half an inch wide

- Now unfold the paper. You will get these crease lines.

- With these crease lines as guide, accordion fold the paper on those lines. Try it out, I think accordion folding it this way is much easier when there are existing crease lines.

- Staple in the middle of the strip like the picture below

- Now you cut the design of your choice.

- After the paper is cut, spread the paper apart

Glue the edges together to make medallion.

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